stogdale st james
Specialist Board Evaluation and Advisory boutique

Stogdale St James is founded on Valerie Stogdale’s belief, based on working with Boards for over 30 years, that what clients really want from board evaluation, performance effectiveness reviews and allied advisory work is:

A trustworthy, independent service, tailored to individual client needs and provided from start to finish by truly experienced professionals with superior intellect and judgement. 

A history of success operating with total discretion at the highest levels, delivering quality business solutions, transparency and a cost-effective fee policy. 

Stogdale St James provides this level of service with business rigour and a light touch. 

We support businesses that believe:  An organisation is its people
 …. and we serve those organisations to help them realise their maximum value.

“Above all…do not be afraid of simplicity…Pretentiousness is always wrong”

X. Marcel Boulestin 1925
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