Our expertise

We are dedicated to reassuring boards that they know what ‘Good’ looks like and that they meet the highest standards, in Corporate Governance terms.

We enable boards to understand what they look like from the outside. Our work ensures that they are equipped to operate optimally – to maintain competitive advantage, mitigate risk and deliver growth for shareholders.

Team building is a frequently overlooked upside to comprehensive external board evaluations, useful for checking the success of onboarding and facilitating the smooth integration of new board members.

“The best board evaluators are both content and outcome driven”

Recent clients who value our services include:

Our expertise

Board Evaluation

Stogdale St James offers tailored solutions to address individual client needs sensitively and in total confidence, free from any conflicts of interest because we are deliberately independent. We advise on the options as to the best techniques to use on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the precise objectives and the time and cost constraints which apply. Modern governance is about culture as well as structural requirements. We have the skill sets necessary to address the important behavioural aspects.

Skills Matrix Reviews

These can be conducted alongside board evaluations, or separately, to assist boards with succession planning and board refreshment. Concerns over troublesome board dynamics can be allayed through optional 360 degree peer-to-peer director reviews. A periodic Skills Review can support board awareness of ongoing professional development requirements for all directors.

“A truly balanced Board releases organisational energy”